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Letter — No place here for middle class


Tahoe Tomorrow? Is there really going to be a Tahoe Tomorrow? I am greatly concerned as a longtime resident here that there will be no future for the hard working middle class here anymore.

Douglas County is working hard to faze out all the low-income housing with no care as to where these people will go. I am a renter here in South Tahoe and the problem is just as bad. I rent a dilapidated house with two other roommates as we cannot afford to pay the exorbitant amount of rent by ourselves. We all live and work here, and have kids that we want to go to school here.

Our absentee slumlord, who lives somewhere in Texas, has now put our rental up for sale because he heard that real estate prices have doubled in Tahoe. He keeps calling us, wanting to know why his broken down slum of a kit house hasn’t sold for his $250,000 asking price! We’ve had lots of people come and look, for about five seconds, they all leave rather quickly. Most of those people look like regular working class people just trying to find an affordable, LIVABLE home here. I’m just waiting for the next rich absentee vacation home buyer to come in and buy this slum to tear it down and build some huge god-awful spectacle. So it can be like the rest of the neighborhood. There are no neighbors, only people that come up a few weekends a year.

Hey Lew Feldman, I bet you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to live in Tahoe Tomorrow! But what about the rest of us? Our future in Tahoe seems to be dying out like the dinosaur. Why worry about lake clarity when only time-share residents will be the ones living here. Hey, maybe we can all go live at Lew’s house. Or maybe Kevin Lane of Falcon Redevelopment has an extra bedroom we could move into!

Julie Warren

South Lake Tahoe