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Letter: No political debate can be honest

To the editor:

What Kevin Moore (March 14) extols is “party line.” Now it’s cover it up quickly! Move on, move on! “The Clinton Melodrama” he calls it. It wasn’t a melodrama. It was and is a tragedy! It is a lesson: Liberalism applied in the full flow of a person with power, a liberal, and how power was then applied to our society. Proof was given that “words” are used to falsify, mislead, deceive, exaggerate and misrepresent. No debate in politics can be “an honest debate” when both sides do not have a code of honesty. Liberalism’s basic tenet is dishonesty. As Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “Sin has many tools but a lie is the handle which fits them all.”

The socialist-left always derives power by chicanery, committed on a religious level to the structure of lies in liberalism, they have no higher owing. It is this hypnotic, compulsive devotion and demand to communicate with lies that imprisons them within a fallacious community antagonistic to America’s societal alignment with truth. With truth as an unwelcome stranger, God is mocked for God is truth. Very out-of-focus stuff for kids to handle. But when “your number” is liberalism you ignore the fact that all activist lies and incongruities that trickle down are tragedies to kids, right? Right. You tell them that “conservation” is good, but people, “conservatives,” are evil. Loads and loads of these contradictions are placed in speech and print for them to work out, and it kills them sometimes. So – Kevin prefers I write about snow, bears, and garbage cans. Well, I do, more or less. Spreading lies is a “snow job,” and having lived in a healthier society I think I know very well where the garbage is now.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe

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