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Letter: No reality in deception

Suzanne Soule

I am appalled at the justification for lying to students in the name of teaching them about the dangers of drunk driving. Surely there are enough real-life examples to demonstrate the horrors of drunk driving accidents. This hoax degrades the memories of those who have actually died at the hands of drunks.

A letter to the editor supporting this program stated, “You kids need to know the realities and ramifications of driving under the influence.” There is no reality in deception. This was a gross misuse of power. The author continues, “If you’re so upset about a mock incident, how will you react when the real thing happens?” I’ll tell you how they’ll react. After having had their emotions manipulated by teachers and police officers, these students will have less trust in authority figures. Just as in the story of the boy who cried wolf, the next time these students are informed of a tragedy, there will not be any impact because they will be waiting for someone to say, “April Fools!”

If this chicanery had been perpetrated upon adults, there would be a deluge of emotional distress lawsuits. But schools don’t seem to think that students deserve the same respect as adults. And speaking of adults..just where are these under-drinking-age drivers getting alcohol? Perhaps we should be scaring parents and liquor-store clerks rather than kids. The bottom line is that as long as drinking alcohol is acceptable in this society, there will be drunk drivers of all ages. That’s the example by which we are really teaching our children. When parents stop drinking and when the media stops glorifying college spring break parties, then maybe there will be fewer drunk drivers.

Suzanne Soule

South Lake Tahoe

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