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Letter — No solutions from county for snow removal

The article, “Few answers to dealing with snow removal,” in the Jan. 6, Tribune, written by Kathryn Reed should be acknowledged as excellent. If left me with the feeling I had attended the meeting.

The part of this meeting that was most upsetting to me was not one of 10 gentlemen suggested any solid solutions. County Supervisor Dave Solaro said this meeting echoed meetings of three years ago. Where has he been for the three years? Did he ever check with anyone to determine if changes had been made and things were going well, or at least improving, or help was needed? The longer problems exist the bigger they become.

I am assuming money is the No. 1 problem. Mr. Norm Butts, how much money do you feel you need each year? You should be given ample money per year and if there is ever money left at year’s end because of a low snow year, etc., then whatever is left over would accumulate over to the following year and so on. Therefore sooner or later there should be ample and hopefully a buffer.

Perhaps many of us should head for Sacramento/Placerville to see who is making decisions pertaining to snow removal costs. It looks to me like these people do not have a clue. I am sure Gov. Davis could not care less because it does not snow where he lives.

It seems more interesting to me now that the county had no problem hiring a budget person a short time ago for $161,000 per year.

Casinos have a right to be concerned. It is important tourists are able to get to the casinos, sometimes us locals wish to go there also. However, emergency equipment like fire and medical were not mentioned. This should have been an important subject during the meeting.

Thank you Dick Powers of the TMA for getting this group together. I could go on and on about this, but I have said enough. Thanks to the Tribune for the opportunity to write.

Jac Lyn Howard

South Lake Tahoe

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