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Letter: Not getting over it either

Paul Woods

This letter is in response to the letter by Kevin C. Moore published in the February 21, 2001 newspaper. His comments were bitterly expressed and he obviously feels strongly about his subject. However, he is wrong in many of his conclusions and ignores the facts. His primary point is that the election in Florida was not won by George W. Bush. He ignores the fact that Mr. Bush won the vote count, won the vote recount, and won after the absentee ballots were counted. Obviously, his opinion is that the “manual recount” would have shown different results. As a person who has spent his life in the computer and data processing fields, I can guarantee that a machine count of punched cards is infinitely more accurate than any manual count could ever be. The insane attempt to manually count the punched cards – “interpreting” the intent of the voter – was a classic example of an attempted election theft by the disgruntled losers. This was compounded by what I view as the “thugs from Chicago” (i.e. Daley, Jackson, and the Teamsters) attempting to create disruptions – including racial conflicts incited by Jackson – as part of the attempted theft.

The letter also refers to the “five right wing Supreme Court Judges”. The fact is seven U.S. Supreme Court Judges ruled against the processes being undertaken; five ruled that there was not time to start the process over again. Conveniently, his letter ignores the fact that the ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court was necessary because “four left wing Florida Supreme Court Judges” made an illegitimate ruling (after having been rebuked once previously by the U.S. Supreme Court). A ruling with which the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court strongly disagreed and one against which he wrote (uncharacteristically) a stinging rebuke, pointing out that the ruling could not, and would not, stand. Why would anyone be in surprised that it didn’t stand?

Mr. Moore’s letter refers to Gore and Lieberman winning the election by more than 500,000 votes. They didn’t win the election; they won the popular vote. The fact is Mr. Bush won the election.

His letter accuses the Republicans of continued unabated “Clinton bashing”. From what I see on the T.V. and read in the newspaper, it seems the fact is that all persons of “intellectual integrity” are expressing disgust over the corruptions of the Clinton administration. Democrats who supported Clinton are as vocal, and perhaps more vocal, than any Republican. It is just unfortunate that these same Democrats didn’t have the moral fiber to be outraged during the corruptions of the last eight years.

Mr. Moore states he will not “get over it”. I understand his statement – because I will never get over the corruptions and depravities of the Clinton era.

Paul Woods

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