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Letter — Now here’s my view


In Kathryn Reed’s article a week ago Monday she asked why would anyone not want to celebrate the union of two people who love each other, who are in a committed relationship and intend to spend the rest of their lives together? Why is one relationship deemed more noble, more righteous, more real than another?

Fair questions. I can answer those questions with two words. Differing worldviews. Mine is predicated upon the Bible as my sole authority for life and behavior.

But for the moment let’s assume the Bible isn’t a valid foundation for one’s worldview. According to Kathryn’s thought process all that’s necessary for two individuals to be married is a mutual consent of love. Would you be willing to ascribe validity to a brother and a sister who want to be married? The probable answer is no. Because you and most everyone else would agree there is something inherently wrong with a brother marrying his sister, genetic issues aside. Likewise, many men like to see women as simply an object of sexual pleasure. I think most women and men would agree that it is wrong view. But what is it that makes it wrong? Is our basis for truth simply societal norms, opinion polls, political correctness or personal preferences?

I would agree with your worldview if there were no God, because then there is no truth, and if there is no truth, then we should all do what we think is best. But I believe in the Bible as a source of absolute truth, as did many of our founding fathers. The majority of the Episcopalian leadership simply chose to either ignore or misinterpret one of the many passages in Scripture.

Therefore in my worldview, gay marriages are wrong simply because they are an affront to the clearly revealed will of God in the Bible. Each of us is entitled to our worldview, but when asked, I am obliged to tell you the source of my worldview. I’d like to know what is your source for truth?

Dan Wilvers

South Lake Tahoe

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