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Letter: Oops, Sara, you’ve done it again (opinion)

Dr. Andrew Whyman did a thoughtful job of moderating the IVGID Candidates’ Forum at Sierra Nevada College on July 9th. All four remaining candidates for Trustee were there: Kendra Wong, Bruce Simonian, Tim Callicrate and Sara Schmitz. And they comported themselves reasonably well.

And then it got weird: Ms. Schmitz self-nominated to publish and distribute minutes of the event. No one asked her to. No official vetted the results.

Sara’s “minutes” didn’t jibe with what I thought I’d heard. Fortunately, Ilosa Dobler posted the video record of the Forum on YouTube. (You can find it on “IVGID Candidate Forum” at youtube.com.)

It turns out Sara does two things very well.

In her “minutes,” statements by Kendra Wong and Bruce Simonian are inaccurate, incomplete, or completely missing, making them appear weaker.

And statements Sara attributed to herself are modified from what she actually said. addressing errors and weaknesses in her actual presentation. She added information she hadn’t brought up at the Forum, some of it quite inaccurate. This is not only ethically questionable, it also denied the other candidates the opportunity to rebut them.

One member of our community – familiar with the Washington Post’s fact- checker score-keeping – declared Sara’s “minutes” worthy of three Pinnocchios.

A piece of feedback for Sara: Those of us in the audience were actually paying attention. You didn’t win. And you taught us a lot about your character.

Kaye Shackford

Incline Village, Nevada