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Letter — Orlich’s leaving is yesterday’s news


This is in response to Steve Yingling’s exhausted and tedious article on former STHS basketball coach Tom Orlich.

Yingling, the definition in the dictionary for news is: “current information and happenings” and the definition for newspaper is: “a weekly or daily publication which contains recent news and information.”

Please, it is time to move on and actually do your job of searching out and writing new stories for the sports pages. This saga is well over two years old now.

No one asked Orlich to resign from coaching; he chose to leave of his own accord. And, as far as I am aware, he has not approached anyone to ask for his job back. Is it your job to do that for him? Orlich tried a power play with the school district and it backfired. He also bailed on these players when he realized they were not going to be the winning team he was accustomed to. Orlich demonstrated he was not up to actually performing his duties as a coach and is afraid of a real challenge. Apparently his ego cannot withstand a losing record.

Coach Allister, on the other hand, actually cares about the human beings he is coaching. Instead of focusing on what the player lacks, he concentrates on their potential and on how to develop it. Isn’t that what a coach is supposed to do? Allister treats the players fairly and they play for him out of respect, not fear. Perhaps the record books do not reflect a winning record yet, but at least we have a coach that will stand by his players, win or lose. And one more thing, Yingling: If Orlich is such a stellar coach, and if there are schools just waiting to snatch him up, why haven’t they done so? Actually, I wish they would!

Patricia McBrien

South Lake Tahoe

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