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Letter — Our freedom to be dumb

After reading and listening about nuclear power plant waste, war with Iraq, “war” on “terrorism” along with the not-so-mediaized reports on genetically modified plants, water pollution and everything that George W. Bush (a.k.a. Global Warming Bush and Not Really Our Elected President Bush) has been doing, it’s apparent we have two main freedom theme’s going on. Yes, that’s right, the freedom to be dumb and the freedom to kill for money. This is really what “we” (the government; which is actually oil companies and corporations) are fighting to keep.

Why else would we rather spend money on war then education? Or make nuclear waste? Why are we even using nuclear power when we don’t have to? Oh yeah, it’s those two freedom’s I mentioned earlier. Ditto with contaminating our food with cancer causing properties; fighting to keep gasoline prices down so we can have low mpg; not to mention contaminating our water (the world’s water, since water doesn’t stay in one city) with chemicals that we stupidly think we need to grow an over abundance of food that ultimately makes us sick.

Two parting questions: 1. Does anyone realize that being terminally ill (cancer from our food), smoking and getting drunk (legal drugs) and watching TV (another legal drug especially for all ages) are GOOD for our economy? 2. Why isn’t it completely obvious to the media that this latest war is just a way for George W. Bush to divert out attention away from his dirty laundry service? And that it’s working.

In other words: We are no better than they.

Lorelei Van Peborgh

South Lake Tahoe

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