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Letter — ‘Our View’ is not my view

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Editor’s note: Our View is the collective voice of the Tahoe Daily Tribune

In your article of April 28, “Our View” (whoever our view was, as they didn’t have the guts to sign it) they spoke of same sex marriage and how most everyone agreed with them. Well, we do not and as the gentleman said in last night’s paper (May 2), if he didn’t speak up that meant he agreed. Also, most of California and Nevada voters did not agree either because they voted the measure down twice as did most states in the US. We do believe in treating people humanely — as God said, love one another. He ordained marriage between a man and a woman not a man and a man or a woman and a woman, for the purpose of making families, not for making fun.

Also, on April 25, Curtis Emrie wrote about people who don’t like U.S. customs having the right to go back to their own country and living. Hurrah for him. This also goes for our U.S. people who are continually protesting, rioting, damaging property and other stuff and causing trouble with the law. Let them go live in Iraq for a few years and see how they like it there. May we continue to have all the freedoms we enjoy in America today and live in peace — and thanks to our president and all our troops that have been fighting in Iraq and elsewhere. We have three grandsons proudly serving in the military and one in Baghdad now. May they all come home soon.

Gene and Sharon Topham

South Lake Tahoe