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Letter: Policies, procudures should be enforced to protect wildlife

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to an article, “Bear-Proof: Douglas commissioners look at bear box proposal,” which ran in the Tahoe Daily Tribune Saturday, Feb. 20.

“If it’s not broken, why fix it?” “I don’t see what’s wrong.”

Well, here’s my question to you all that are oblivious to bear action on or before trash day: How many bears have to lose their lives before you take action on neighborhood offenders? Bears will attack unprotected trash, bottom line.

South Tahoe Refuse put into effect a while back a change in pick-up time for trash disposal. I was impressed when they did this because it would assist in curtailing bear events on or the night before trash day. Here, however, is another question for you: Why initiate a law or change of procedures and schedules if no one is going to follow or enforce it?

Similar to the rental-property issues, you must enforce if you are going to alter the current status of all policies, procedures and laws. It reminds me of the cell phone law — put into effect, but no one enforces it. Yes, it is very much broken, but not the laws and processes of protecting our bears, controlling issues occur at rental properties or using cell phones while driving. It’s those responsible for enforcing protections to curtail bear nuisances, noisy tourists and cell-phone use while driving.

Let’s start taking action and enforcing what we put in place so lives of any kind do not have to be eliminated because of human ignorance.

Donna Cronin

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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