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Letter: Politics and ‘ounce’ people

To the editor:

I recognize and respond to the exceptional talent of Kevin C. Moore (Feb. 21), which enables him to write 300 words and never get anywhere close to telling the truth! But Kevin, that “ounce of intellectual integrity” person you speak of does not carry on such nonsense as that ours was an illegitimate election. It is that “ounce” person who saw a beautiful map and statistics (by USA Today) showing Gore won only 677 counties to Bush’s 2,436, and Gore won 19 states, but Bush won 29 states. So pooft! Everything was clear. That “ounce” person also knows that “popular” vote is inequitable – that’s why we have a Republican form of government.

I was taught as a child in school that George Washington could not tell a lie; he did cut down that cherry tree. Poor kids now, not taught this truism, are brought as spectacles of humiliation before Judge Hackett on television; are deemed out of control and sent to some correction facility for a reality check. I was taught that lies are a defilement of the human mind and even a little starting lie can burgeon into multiple more and more damaging lies and the cruelty they cause. So I’ve got your number! It’s lethal! It kills kids and there is no beauty there at all.

I’d suggest perhaps now revealed massive Clintoning corruption will “turn on the lights” for many more “ounce” people too. But some of us oldsters learned early not to mock God, tell lies, con and use people for lust of power over them. And, what you sow you shall surely reap.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe

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