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Letter — Power is great utility to have

Wow, do we take things for granted. I rarely ever gave it a second thought. it was there when I woke up in the morning and it was there when I went to bed. It was there when I needed more warmth and there when I needed more cool. Completely at my beckoned call. What is this great comforting force? … It’s electricity.

When the storms of this past week hit Lake Tahoe with heavy winds and snow it took its toll. Power lines went down and it left many people without electrical power. Without power or telephone, along with heavy snow and cold temperatures can ruin your whole day.

The first night the power went out was just a slight inconvenience. I though it would come back on in a couple of hours, so just get out the candles, relax and wait. Well, wait we did. Three nights later and still without power with temperatures in the teens and snow measured in feet, it was no longer just an inconvenience. It was downright cold, dark and uncomfortable, in spite of all the candles, oil lamps and the 4-inch emergency battery operated T.V. with the bad picture.

On the morning of the fourth day I saw two Sierra Power workers sawing off and lifting a tree branch off a power line just a block away from my house. They said it would be about 30 minutes and the power should be back on. Guess what, the power did come back on, just like they said.

What a great sound that was when the furnace kicked in and started pouring out heat. That night we turned on the Christmas tree lights and as the fire burned brightly in the fireplace, all Christmas gift wishes seemed to ale in comparison to this return to normalcy. It was like Christmas had come early. So as I looked out the window of my warm house and peered into the snowy night sky, I though I saw a plump little man in a red suit pull away in a red Sierra Power truck as I heard him shout, “power to all and to all a good night, Ho, Ho, Ho.”

James Tait DDS

Zephyr Heights, Nevada

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