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Letter: ‘Public doubt lingers’ regarding Loop Road

In his guest opinion on June 1, Justin Sinner claimed that the people collecting signatures for a ballot measure on the Loop Road “are blatantly misleading people …” They misconstrue the facts to the public, he says.

That is an interesting contention. It would be a better contention if he would cite examples; proof of how they are misleading the public. But he failed to do so. Thus, his opinion is an empty opinion absent proof.

The collecting of signatures is an attempt to allow citizens to vote, nothing more. If a citizen favors the Loop Road, he or she can vote “yes.” Otherwise he or she can vote “no.”

It looks as if Mr. Sinner fears a vote. He fears losing. His fear is matched by Carl Hasty’s position. Hasty has said clearly that a vote is not needed because he has done a swell job presenting the facts on the Loop Road in the meetings he has conducted over past years.

But public doubt lingers. And that haunts Sinner and Hasty for good reason. The “no” vote might be in the majority. It is true there is risk in allowing citizens a voice in their own business. But it is the best way to conduct public affairs because the ballot box provides true equality. One man, one vote. Let us see who wins. It is fair and just because as said 400 years ago in a great debate by the British, “A poor man has a life to live as does the rich man.”

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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