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Letter — Public official not public minded

Tahoe Daily Tribune

How ridiculous it was to me to read about the possible loss of the Valhalla Renaissance Festival due to bureaucratic red tape the same week as the Tahoe Daily Tribune was covering the Council on Tourism, held in Lake Tahoe.

Ms. Jane Olden of the U.S. Forest Service seems to have a prejudice about said event. She has stated publicly she feels the Valhalla Renaissance Festival “is inappropriate for Lake Tahoe.”

Well Madame, who are you, as a public servant, to decide what is appropriate and what is not? We, the residents who participate in that event, pay the taxes that pay your salary.

I would suggest, Ms. Olden, that you read the cover page of the Web site of Mr. Dale Bosworth, chief of the USFS, concerning the role and participation in the communities in which you serve. It seems, Madame, your ego has gotten in the way of your service. I’m sure Mr. Bosworth would like to know about the zeal with which you pursue your position, and the prejudices and condescension that you apply to your position.

It is time to stop this woman before more of our time-proven events disappear. Contact Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth at (202) 205-8333.

In addition, I would like to remind the supervisors of El Dorado County of the tax revenues Lake Tahoe generates from real property, tourism dollars, and also of the tax proceeds earned from this event. There is an election coming soon, and most people will remember your generosity regarding this matter at the polls.

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As a participant at this fair, and a business owner in the Basin, I do not think we can afford to loose this nationally known and respected event.

R. Beau Darrough