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Letter — Put your dog on a leash


Maybe I’m asking too much, but I think it would be nice to be able to walk my dog, on a leash, around the neighborhood without the risk of loose, unattended dogs bounding toward us every block or two.

What should be a relaxing, enjoyable daily event for our dog and our family is unfortunately often quite the opposite. Most days we encounter at least three, often as many as six or seven, unleashed, untethered dogs, roaming the street, no owner in sight. Unfortunately, I can’t read canine minds, so I don’t know what their intentions are. During the course of our walks, we undoubtedly have to make frequent course corrections to avoid the loose dogs.

Last year some friends of ours in the Bay Area encountered a loose dog in their neighborhood. The owner was nowhere in sight. The dog attacked our friends and their young daughter. The case went to trial, and the dog owner was required to pay damages of $225,000. I’ll bet that was a wake-up call for the owner!

The laws regarding dogs are straightforward. A dog can remain loose on your own property, but as soon as it exits your driveway, unleashed and unattended, it is fair game for the dogcatcher (and a potential lawsuit). Please, dog owners, be responsible, and keep your dog attended, tethered, on a leash, or behind a fence. Rather than letting it run free, why not spend some time with your pet and take it for a walk on a leash?

El Dorado County Animal Control is there to enforce the animal ordinances. If you repeatedly see loose dogs roaming your neighborhood, please, for everyone’s safety (including the dog”), call Animal Control at 577-1766.

Peter Butler

South Lake Tahoe

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