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Letter — Question for my supervisor


I am a resident of El Dorado County and do not reside in the limits of the city of South Lake Tahoe. David Solaro, supervisor for District 5, submitted an article to the Tahoe Daily Tribune under the column “My View” (9-12-03). The article addressed concerns of vacation rentals in the county and an ordinance which has been adopted by the city .

It was stated “I’ve asked our planners at El Dorado County to anticipate adopting the exact ordinance for consistency’s sake to best utilize code compliance resources, data collection, enforcement policies, and community input and oversight measures. A community oversight committee has already been appointed and is now meeting to discuss this ordinance and will report to the City Council in October.”

The community oversight committee consists of: two City Council members, three property management companies, one vacation rental owner, two Tahoe Keys residents, and one Chamber of Commerce member.

The tone of the article relays the message that the county intends to adopt this as a mirror ordinance to the city. Why were El Dorado County residents not invited to participate in this process since it will apply to the county? I was not aware I would need to attend a “city” function to ensure my voice would be heard by the “county”.

The only apparent recourse at this time for a county resident is to obtain a copy of the City of South Lake Tahoe Ordinance, Chapter 28A and read it. If you have any concerns, agree or disagree, contact the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. Since vacation rentals are subject to a TRPA ordinance already in effect, will any new ordinance be legal?

Paul Camacho

South Lake Tahoe

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