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Letter — Questions for Humane Society


Here are questions I hope the Tahoe Daily Tribune and/or the appropriate government agency can answer in regards to the Lake Tahoe Humane Society.

1. The Lake Tahoe Humane Society raised over $200,000 to reopen its facility to house stray dogs and cats in a building that was donated to it free and clear. Less than two years after opening, the Humane Society says it has to close again and is putting the building up for sale. Why did that money last less than two years?

2. Why does the Lake Tahoe Humane Society refuse to release any AUDITED financial records when other nonprofit organizations in town willingly do so?

3. Who regulates the Humane Society to ensure that as a non-profit organization no one is personally profiting from its activities?

4. As an organization that does business in the city limits, does the Humane Society pay a business license fee? Or does it get a waiver as a non-profit organization?

5. If the Humane Society does get a waiver as a nonprofit organization, who in the city audits the records to ensure it truly is a nonprofit organization and are those records accessible to the public?

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6. Why is the Humane Society selling an asset that was donated to them?

7. Is the donor aware that the donated asset is being converted to cash?

And most importantly,

8. Does the Humane Society truly care about saving the lives of dogs and cats? Then if so, rather than making excuses and giving up on its facility, shouldn’t the Humane Society allow someone else to come in and see if they they can keep it running?

Barbara Ruberto

South Lake Tahoe