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Letter- Real estate agents should maximize profits

To the editor:

You have to put yourself in the sellers’ and landlords’ shoes!

I am a local business owner, homeowner and Realtor and yes, there have been some dramatic changes in the past year and a half. Yes, home prices and rents are high. I myself am priced out of the market for . The local who wrote whatever happened to “poverty with a view” needs to understand that poverty is not a pretty sight. As people invest in Lake Tahoe, they are bringing the much-needed money to create a more pleasing sight for the eye. In fact, she seems to make a joke of the fact that there are impoverished people in this town. It is a serious matter, but it is beyond mine or anyone else’s control to help people who insist on living here who can’t afford it. Yes, people are paying a premium to own or rent property in such a beautiful place as Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, it is not a property owner’s responsibility to provide affordable housing to the community. Landlords are charging what people will pay and they should do so. If one owns an investment property, the objective is to make money, hence the word “investment,” not provide for the poor. Whether they are selling or renting their property, the owner’s main focus should be to maximize their profit. Most people buy real estate because it is safe investment.

This is where the realtor comes in. Our job is to get the best property for the best price for the buyer and get the best price with the least problems for the seller. If the woman who writes about poverty with a view feels someone owes her something for living and working in such a beautiful place for 15 years, she is wrong. Seems as though all the locals who have been priced out of the market should have had some foresight and now need to make some lifestyle changes. Maybe she needs to invest in some property somewhere else, make some profit, then come back to Lake Tahoe with that money.

Bill Hodges

South Lake Tahoe

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