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Letter — Reality is like living in a comic book

Tahoe Daily Tribune

I feel like I’m on Bizarro, the backward plant of Superman comics.

A North Korean madman has nuclear weapons and threatens to use them so we attack an Iraqi madman. Deficits reach record levels so we cut taxes. The poor and middle class suffer most so we give relief to the rich. Whites overwhelmingly have the advantage in education so we fight against affirmative action. HIV/AIDS ravages the world so our government opposes condom use.

Conservatives rail against big government intruding into our lives so they want laws to dictate what prayers I listen to and want to tell my daughter and wife what they may choose to do with their bodies. Those who hated the “war-dodging president from Arkansas” love the “war-dodging president from Texas” and his draft-dodging vice president.

Next thing you know, the presidential candidate who get the most votes will lose.

Jeff Stone

South Lake Tahoe