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Letter — Reasons exist to attack Iraq

Tahoe Daily Tribune

We hear constantly in the media that Americans are anxious and unconvinced of the need for armed conflict in Iraq. We want to say loudly that these two Americans are convinced. In light of the Sept. 11 attack on America, we clearly see the catastrophic risk of allowing an enemy dictator to proliferate weapons of mass destruction. We also think it is plainly obvious that Iraq must be confronted before it builds a nuclear capability that poses an immediate threat to the U.S. and/or our allies. Further, we find it mind-boggling that some in this country seem to value the opinion of the U.N. above the clear national security concerns of the United States. We strongly support the policy of the president in seeing that Iraq is disarmed now, before it is too late.

Charles R. Cordova Jr. and Tamara R. Cordova

South Lake Tahoe