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Letter — Recall a costly mistake


I believe all Californians should vote NO on the recall. Let me explain. I am not a Gray Davis fan. I did not vote for him last November. However, he was elected by the voters of California who cared enough to vote. (There weren’t even complaints about hanging chads or disenfranchised voters). He won and should be allowed to finish out his term.

The recall option became part of California law (under Hiram Johnson) during an earlier nationwide Progressive movement which added much-needed expansion to the Democratic process. Initiative, referendum and recall, as well as direct election of senators, and women’s suffrage were part of this expansion. The recall process was only intended for malfeasance in office, not to promote a political power grab. We cannot allow the recall process to be demeaned and abused by the rich of any political party. Remember, the recall petition was signed by less than 3 percent of Californians. It was funded by a single, ambitious, rich politician. That politician then abandoned the effort, leaving the state and counties to pick up the 60 million dollar cost. That alone makes me angry enough to vote NO on the October 7 recall.

Steve Szekely

South Lake Tahoe

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