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Letter — Reflection on anniversary of Roe V. Wade


The year 2003 is the 30th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision concerning the legality of abortion. A number of recent columns and letters have appeared concerning various aspects of this issue. Here are a few more thoughts.

Many Tahoe residents may recall when the Monk’s Pizza building at Stateline was being torn down to make room for redevelopment. This demolition was temporarily halted because a nest of bird eggs was discovered on the site. Could we say that the discovery of incubating life stopped other decisions (demolition of surroundings) from being made?

Two of the issues in the abortion question concern conception and incubation of our young. In spite of our increasing knowledge about the conception process, it is not automatic or always prevented. Many couples have tried for years to conceive while others have had children despite using contraceptive measures. The Bible teaches that a sovereign God still overrides some of our plans.

Once conception occurs, the incubation process begins. We may not like the design of the process, but from conception to birth there is a living person growing within the mother. In most cases little more than common sense is needed to produce a healthy infant. All that the mother usually needs to do is to eat healthy and avoid certain harmful activities.

As our country looks at the possibility of Roe v. Wade being re-examined, it seems to me that we should acknowledge that we are debating the future of a living human being, not an inanimate piece of tissue. Do the rights of that pre-birth person supersede the reproductive rights of the mother?

John E. Taylor

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