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Letter — Religion much like brainwashing

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In one of the letters to the editor the writer was worried that he might be accused of brainwashing if he introduced his children to religion. Webster’s New World Dictionary College Edition defines brainwashing as; To indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes. Isn’t that what religions have done for thousands of years? Religions promise you the everlasting life if you will believe and support the Bible teachings and the made up word of God. If you fail to believe they threaten you with the probability of burning in hell forever. Not much choice as they put it. Almost like Halloween, God is gonna get you if you don’t watch out.

I believe that brainwashing is present in much of our lives to a degree. It is used in politics, in advertising, and in businesses. Religions are the original users of brainwashing. Catholics believe if a child completes religious orientation until he or she is eight years old they will never leave the Catholic Church. Muslims are even more effective.

Religions seems to feel that the Constitution not only gives them the right to worship as they please, but also allows them to impose it on everyone including laws, government and schools. When discussing the authenticity of the Bible they want to use the Bible as their proof. Who knows how many self appointed Jesus Christ’s has come forward during the years. The first known one was 30 years old before he was baptized. He didn’t know he was the son of God until then. The leader of the Branch Davidians was the latest.

Recent brainwashers include Joyce Meyer, Jimmy Baker, Jim Jones, Jimmy Swaeggert who tried to cry his way to forgiveness, Oral Roberts who talked to God and reported that God was going to call him home if donations didn’t pick up, Jerry Falwell who encouraged his graduates to go into politics to influence laws. There have been many others. Hopefully worldwide brainwashing by missionaries will be curtailed.

Ray Cooper

Tahoe Paradise