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Letter — Ren Faire adds to the area

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Five years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the Renaissance Faire. At that fair I met my husband and began a deeper association with the fair. My husband, Stefan Allen, and myself have worked on staff since then in many positions; building, checking in, painting signs, being all-round gophers, and most recently printing and selling the Valhalla T-shirts. We also lead a guild, The Court of St. Aidan comprised mostly of locals to the Tahoe area.

When we lived in Tahoe and our hours at our regular jobs would be cut back during the slow part of the spring, we appreciated the off-season work that the fair provided. As vendors and guildmembers,we appreciate the popularity of the fair with the visitors and locals … as many as 8,000 a day on some weekends … and so many locals would come day after day that a Valhalla Fellowship was created to give them a place of their own to meet with discounts on full-fair tickets. Having been a local, I realize the need for activities and entertainment for families above and beyond what can be provided by seasonal resorts and casinos. In the past we have volunteered time to do educational events at schools, and Juliette Tanzi, our wonderful educational coordinator has done well bringing field trips out to the fair site midweek to see living history workshops set up by the guilds. I thank our guildmembers and their friends and families who have gone out of their way to help with the fire, I think we all feel that it has been a bright spot of community effort in a town that has become increasingly commercialized and hard to make a living in.

Besides the revenue lost to the city through hotels, groceries, gas, restaurants, gambling, and other local activities such as the boat trips that most actors and vendors patronized, I propose another loss for you, sales tax, the tax money that goes to the community.

I hope the political powers that be realize how important this fair is to the community and make the decision to issue the permits necessary to allow the fair to continue, whether it be this year or any other.

Lisa Burgett

Rough and Ready