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Letter — Republicans buy away democracy


It began with impeachment, then the 2000 election debacle, followed by the redistricting of congressional Democrats out of Texas to benefit the Republicans; and now, we are in the thick of the California recall.

It is now more apparent than ever that our democracy is under attack. Gray Davis was elected by the people of California and should serve his term barring any criminal activities. It appears that anyone with a million dollars and less than 3 percent of California signatures can buy an election.

Why is it that California and 45 other states are in fiscal crises? For starters, we can thank the Republicans for deregulating the Securities and Exchange Commission, deregulating energy, and, of course, enacting tax relief for the wealthy. The results have been disastrous: while Americans saw their retirements dwindle and Californians saw an exorbitant rise in their energy bills, the executives of Enron walked with millions. The so-called “tax relief” (for the rich) was supposed to spur job creation; however, corporations continue to move overseas at an alarming rate and over 2 million Americans have lost their jobs. With our record national deficit under Bush and California being the fifth largest economy in the world, it’s no wonder our state is experiencing a budget crisis.

Gov. Gray Davis is blamed for the failed policies mentioned above. The estimated cost of the California recall will cost our state between $42-55 million.

Sandy Myron

South Lake Tahoe

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