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Letter — Rich Chandler misses the boat


Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of Moet. Rick Chandler, Tribune correspondent, NBC Sports, he reads more like a correspondent reporting for FOX News.EEEEEE

Glass No. 1: His”introduction to yacht racing in San Francisco Bay.” Hardly. SFYC was founded 1869 and is the oldest club on the West Coast. The club has been at its present location since 1926 at Belvedere Cove and has a record of the schooner Chispa having won a race on July 11,1910. They also list a schedule of approximately 30 regattas annually. Guess where the majority of the regattas are held including the the one in 1910 — if you are stumped ask your correspondent to search. EEEE

The Rick is dead wrong when he stated “yacht racing ranks right up there with curling and watching grass grow on the football field.” Actually it is more like watching a cannon rust in the Presidio, especially when you have a news reader reporting on a subject he is unable to understand. Ignorance is complete happiness, as the Rick said “the occasion was the Moet Cup regatta, and yours truly was on hand for reasons that are still unclear. Fess up Rick it had to be the Moet.E

Glass No. 2: The Rick was right on. In racing circles this yacht race is a big deal, the next America’s Cup race is scheduled for 2007. Larry Ellison is the first to declare. The Rick really missed the boat. (Still on glass No. 2). The date of the America’s Cup has been changed in the past. The winner can choose the time and the waters where the regatta is to be held. Alinghi raced under a Swiss flag so not to worry Rick, the regatta will not be held in a fjord.EE

Glass No. 3 and you’re out at the old yacht race. Larry Ellison in yachting has been compared to Al Davis in football. They both know what they want and where they want to go. I will bet The Rick a bottle of Moet, that Larry is doing his best and will continue doing his best to bring the “old mug” back home, and is trying to convince the Alinghi’s that the waters off San Francisco is is the place to be. It will cause a lot of tourist to leave their hearts in San Francisco.EEEEEEEEEEEEE

I would suggest that NBC Sports enroll The Rick in the Youth Program at SFYC. It has a number of distinct programs including an”all age program” so that he can learn about High Performance Sailing, even high school racing. By 2007 The Rick should be able to report on the America’s Cup. On second thought if he walks into SFYC they will no doubt make him walk the plank. Maybe he should be enrolled in the Dead Sea Yacht Club.EEEEEEEEE

Alex CampbellEEE

Life member Southwestern Yacht Club San Diego



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