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Letter — Right to life will win the day

Regarding the editorial about abortion: The argument in favor of allowing abortion, “a woman’s choice” and “her own body” would be fine if in fact this was her own body.

It is in fact her own child’s body. If she wanted to actually have a part of her body removed I suppose that would be OK; a hand or an eye or maybe a section of her fallopian tubes. But she cannot choose to destroy someone else’s body. Adoption is a much better option. And what’s so wrong about having consequences?

Your editorial goes on and on as if no one would disagree with your point of view, then accuses anyone who would disagree of being political. This is an issue on which people disagree deeply. Does your editorial imply that every editor at your paper agrees with your stand? If so, I don’t think you represent or allow or even acknowledge the diversity of opinions in this community (or any other). Nor have you acknowledged the strength of opposing arguments.

I can imagine this may be how opinion pages work. If so, I simply wish to make a response. The phrase “right to life” sums it up well.

At one time in history, infanticide was commonplace and socially acceptable. But the point of view that it was wrong eventually won the day. The right to life for the unborn will win the day too. It is more logical to consider life as beginning at conception than at delivery. The level of dependence decreases gradually and viability increases, but the child is the same child. The right to life for the unborn will win the day. I can make claims as well as you.

Thank you for providing a forum where issues can be discussed and debated.

Mark Peterson


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