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Letter — Rotten and needing bath

“Reason is immortal, all else mortal” — C582-500 B.C. from Pythagoras.

The first atheist to come to live in our country was smarter by far than our current variety of atheist. He had the sense to realize his religious position would be safer here than in Europe. Perhaps not understanding deeper aspects, at least he knew when every fiber of a government is built in freedom under God, that’s the best you can get. I’m sure Pythagoras’ rationale was in his grasp, but now witness 2002 A.D. and in this year of our Lord i.e. A.D., seemingly upon the irascibility of one atheist, our California’s 9th Circuit Court attempted a brutal assault upon the American people to cancel our religious expression as a nation under God.

President Bush and Congress replied to fault the court, and their “erroneous rationale” and “absurd result.” Whether you measure by Pythagoras, who by measure was before but with in the measure of Jesus Christ (i.e. B.C.), or time it within “the Year of our Lord” (i.e. A.D.) the result is the same. America is a new dimension of government — immortal and spiritual in design. We, after 9-11, acted in this dimension of the spirit toward our fellows. It is a condition, a behavior, not fashioned elsewhere, “civil!” And, my liberal comrades, please do some personal hygiene and look up the word “decent” to lead you to understand one doesn’t demand “civil rights,” one supplies them. We all do not want to end up as rotten as one of our political parties is today.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe

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