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Letter — Save our post office


Yesterday a post office official from the 96157 Stateline, California post office informed me via the telephone that his post office will close permanently in January 2003. Thus far, there will be no replacement post office in the Stateline, California area. The nearest post offices will be the 96156 Bijou area post office in California behind Bank of America and the Stateline, Nevada post office up Kingsbury Grade.

First of all, the entire Stateline, California and Stateline, Nevada Areas is the central core of commerce in the city of South Lake Tahoe. Sixty to seventy percent of all employment at South Shore is concentrated in this area. The casinos represent the Gaming Industry, the motels and casinos represent the Lodging Industry, and Heavenly Valley represents the Skiing Industry. There is a need for a post office in the Stateline, California area.

Secondly, many residents of South Lake Tahoe rely on a post office in this area as they work nearby and do not own a car. How unfair to make these people have to bus or taxi to the Bijou 96156 or the 96151 main post offices. Some people in this area are disabled or retired and live on limited incomes. They haven’t the extra money to spend on transportation to a post office farther away. If a person lives in California, it is illegal for him/her to attain a post office box in Nevada anyway.

Thirdly, street delivery is a wonderful idea, however some apartment buildings will not set up home delivery boxes for their tenants. In the winter months those that do have home delivery have to constantly clear snow from around their mailbox area so the carriers will deliver the mail. It’s quite a task when the city snow plow comes and leaves a snow berm at any given time or day.

Lastly, it would be much more convenient to all those at this end of town to have a post office nearby to mail and pick up packages, certify and register letters, and to purchase stamps. Lease rates should be kept affordable for the post office to stay in this area. Many tourists would miss a post office in this area as well.

A. Burke

South Lake Tahoe

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