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Letter: Say ‘NO’ to Tom McClintock (opinion)

Our congressman Tom McClintock prefers to live in Elk Grove. He has no interest in living in our congressional district. And he certainly doesn’t understand our needs and concerns.

Take wild fires. Tom feels that trees are either clear cut, or they burn down. This is not what forest scientists say. Thinning the forest is the best solution! Thinned trees lessen fire spread, they stabilize the land, and they support the native animals and natural plant growth. Yet he won’t vote to spend federal money for our forests. It looks like he would rather have more forest fires.

The tax law he voted for provides very little tax reductions for us. However, there are huge amounts of tax savings for large corporations. For big corporations this means higher executive incomes and stock buy backs. But workers’ incomes have not changed much at all. The tax law he supported will result in a public debt surpassing $1 trillion in 2020.

His answer to public debt is lowering our Social Security income and reducing Medicare benefits for us. We work hard and pay into these programs during our working lives. These are programs that we were promised, and not ones that Tom and his friends should be able take away!

He also doesn’t support education. I have met with students at our community college and can see how they are struggling to get a college education, so they can get a better job. Tom has recently voted NO to support federal Pell grants to students to help pay for college.

With these actions and more, Tom McClintock doesn’t live in our congressional district, and he does not represent us! Please, just say “NO” to Tom.

Bob Cliff

South Lake Tahoe, California

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