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Letter — Separation of church and state is constitutional


1. The Pledge, penned in 1892, was actually written as part of a Columbus Day celebration, not anything having to do with the founding of the United States.

2. It was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister and did NOT include the phrase, “under God.” In a 1988 speech to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Barbara Bellamy Wright (the author’s granddaughter) stated “My grandfather would have objected strongly to this change, as it changed the fundamental meaning.”

3. Congress added the phrase “under God” in 1954 at the suggestion of the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic organization). At the time, the Cold War was raging and it was felt that school children should know the difference between our country and the godless communists of the Soviet Union. The irony of this is that that although the Soviet Union is gone, U.S. corporations currently do billions of dollars of business with the largest country of “godless communists” in the world, China. Our government refuses to do anything about the outrageous human rights abuses of the Chinese dictatorship, while granting them “Most Favored Nation” trade status year after year.

Separation of church and state is a vanguard of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers thought it important enough to specifically so state in the first article of the Bill of Rights. The 9th Circuit Court was right on track to rule as they did. The phrase “under God” does not belong and was never meant to be in a pledge recited in public schools.

Rick Soule

South Lake Tahoe

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