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Letter — Sly manipulations from college protesters


“You gotta accent the positive and eliminate the negative.” Lucky me. Without cross-currents of domestic political deceit, I could rest in Hoagy’s simple formula for peace: participation in positive drives, poor you! down the street at the college they intend to remove your positive drives in “discussion.”

But it is really a “controlled burn,” of what? — your thought process. Hoagy said: Don’t mess with it! 9-11 established, with in a few seconds of time, that we are a nation under siege. It is unthinkable that anyone would further expose you to the will of bin Laden and Saddam’s vicious hate, to confuse your resolve, weaken your protection. But some do. By the subterfuges inherent in political power of our left, they say peace, peace, where there is no peace! Whether in words of diplomacy or military action, we have a stern urge and purpose to protect our people in freedom. The college rationale will not lead your mind in positive response, but you must. Their sly manipulations are the practices of the negative properties of a dysfunctional authenticity: dictatorship. For them a result of extinction that Saddam wants for freedom and America, is not so far removed.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe