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Letter — Smarter than the average bear

We have a rather clumsy but gentle neighborhood bear that also appears to be educated. Yes, it’s caused a bit of damage; a fence here, a demolished gate there, but it’s our bear.

On a Wednesday night I had carelessly left our garage door open. This was foolish as I knew that the bear usually makes his rounds on the night before garbage pick up. Of course this implies that the bear has a calendar, and furthermore, it can read.

The bear entered the garage, ignored the garbage can wherein there was discarded fish from dinner, and went directly to the upright freezer. Leaving not a scratch it opened the freezer door. It first inspected and then ignored the frozen creamed-chip-beef, residing on a door shelf, leaving puncture marks in the corner of the box. Since the box has no aroma it must be concluded that the bear must have read the label before returning it to the door. It then removed a frozen vacuum-sealed steak from a shelf but discarded it on the floor upon discovering a box labeled: “Fat-free, no-sugar-added Popsicles.” Opening the box it began to devour the chocolate Popsicles.

At this point my wife opened the kitchen door to the garage, discovered the bear and screamed, startling both me and bear. The bear grabbed the box of Popsicles, gently closed the freezer door with his paw, and quickly lumbered out leaving a trail of chocolate foot prints and Popsicle sticks every few feet. My advice to anyone with ice cream in their garage freezer is to cover up the labels with duct tape. And my fear is that some cowardly tightwad, begrudging the loss of a Popsicle or two, will get our neighborhood bear killed.

Wayne Logan


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