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Letter- Smell what you shovel

To the editor:

This is in response to Ted Long’s letter. I think you need to review your reading comprehension skills. You obviously didn’t comprehend, get the point and have not had to deal with this issue firsthand. I know seven families including mine who have had to overcome the housing situation and are longtime locals who work in this community.

I said when employers and visitors wonder why there is not enough help (not bad service, as you misquoted) that it is due to the lack of building and the greed of the real estate industry selling the good rental properties. Renters will move away from South Shore, get jobs and homes where there is affordable, habitable housing.

Let me do the math; more jobs than residents equals not enough employees! Why don’t you check out that one house for rent under $1,000 a month and see if you or cockroaches would want to live there? Then take a realistic hands-on approach to the housing section of the classified ads. Wake up and smell what you’re shoveling!

Ted Long, how many children do you have? And how long have you lived on the South Shore? It is incredibly difficult and stressful to squeeze a family with children into a studio, one-bedroom apartment or dormitory-style housing. How much of your income would you like to spend to live on eggshells?

You also need to research the facts on government subsidy programs and their limited availability in this area. HUD programs are only available for a short time once a year, with limited funds. Waiting lists for the three apartment complexes are two years long. Try walking forward in someone else’s shoes and get your facts straight before you bash them.

Janelle Smith

South Lake Tahoe

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