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Letter — Smoke screen from the TRPA

First of all, I would like to commend Greg Crofton of the Tahoe Tribune for his accurate and honest reporting of the TRPA and contractors meeting on Jan 23. Great job Greg.

I would like to comment on the subject of why TRPA found it necessary to change the allocation system. Early into the meeting TRPA staff explained that it had received a “bad report card” on environmental work completed prior to their mandatory Environmental Threshold Review.

When questioned, TRPA admitted that the main focus of work needed to be done to satisfy its “bad report card” was mainly Best Management Practices work on existing residences built back into the 1980s. These residences are mandated to have all their BMPs completed by 2008. The builders went on to question TRPA staff as to how changing the allocation system had anything to do with the entirely separate issue of BMPs on 1980s homes. TRPA went on to suggest that the contractors were somehow responsible to do TRPA’s work in working with property owners to complete the BMP work.

The contractors argued with TRPA the owner’s BMP work was the responsibility of both the property owners and TRPA. It became very clear that the allocation system became a scapegoat and a smoke screen to cover up for TRPA’s shortcomings in completing their own mandated BMP tasks.

I feel that TRPA’s effectiveness has evolved downward to a totally self-serving agency which spends all of its time and resources creating new fees structures to sustain its very existence. I also believe this agency should be held accountable for it’s own inadequacy in implementing environmental tasks for which it collects fees.

John Adamski

South Lake Tahoe

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