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Letter: SnowGlobe not a black-and-white issue

I read Carl Ribaudo’s “Change is going to happen” column (Jan. 27). On the issue of SnowGlobe, Carl is for it — and those who are for it, he says, are progressive, which suggests they are the good guys moving forward. The opposition is in the dark, either static — going nowhere — or going backward.

Carl likes bifurcations. It’s you are either for or against. It’s black or white.

So, there is nothing to discuss, case closed. It’s simple and simple-minded. Rather than a debate that aims at having winners and losers, Carl says a “community like ours should be looking for a win-win solution on issues.” Translated, that means we should get in line, be good soldiers and agree with Carl because he is right. He is progressive.

Maybe instead of a win-win solution by following Carl, the community gets a loser-loser solution. Carl does not define terms. So, what does Carl mean by win-win? It appears to me that Carl wants citizens to be lemmings following him.

In a footnote, the Tribune identifies Carl as a consultant, which brings to mind a New Yorker cartoon. There has been a murder. There are two cops looking at the body. One cop says to the other cop, “Judging by the number of stab wounds, he must be a consultant.” Case closed.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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