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Letter — Soccer getting out of control

Thank you to Steve Yingling for the important article regarding the incident at the AYSO U12 Boys championship game.

I have been an AYSO referee for the past seven years, served as Regional Referee Administrator for two years and coached for 10 years.

It has been my expierence that players and fans usually reflect the coach’s attitude and will feed off of his or hers behavior during a game. The important thing for everyone involved with youth sports to remember is that these are just kids playing a game. No one’s future will be determined playing in a AYSO soccer game. Also that the referee is the boss during a match and as mentioned in the article you may not agree with the call but keep it to yourself. We are giving our time so your kids can play soccer. We work hard out there and yes we make mistakes from time to time but that happens at all levels of the game. It is the coaches job to teach respect for the referee to his players and to the adults associated with his team. And at no time is he or any fan allowed on the field without the referee’s permission.

The coach of the Blue Demons failed in his job and rightly deserves the suspension from the upcoming tournament.

Everyone who has a child playing in AYSO should receive the rules of behavior when they register their child. All coaches should be required to take a class in team management and game etiquette and this should be mandatory.

I still enjoy refereeing but each season my tolerance level for the verbal abuse decreases and I can only imagine what it must be like for some of our new referees whom are probably wondering what they got themselves into.

Each year I am always amazed at all the experts in the laws of the game that are on the sidelines and yet we struggle to have enough referees to cover all the games. Where are all these experts when we give a referee class and only two people show up? So next time you feel the need to criticize the referee take the class, get certified and help us out.

Peter Hussmann

South Lake Tahoe

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