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Letter: South Lake Tahoe Measure T is premature (opinion)

Our family has been coming to South Lake Tahoe for over 50 years, including a week-long multi-family vacation. South Lake Tahoe is our second home and a place we deeply cherish. Seventeen years ago, we had the opportunity and resources to purchase a small house. We made it a VHR to help defray costs and be able to keep the home in our family.

Now we have a comfortable place to enjoy the beautiful lake and surrounding natural and recreational resources. It is a home away from home for our children and grandchildren.

We take our responsibilities to our neighbors and community very seriously. We strictly follow the new SLT city ordinances and talk with our neighbors to listen to any concerns they have about our house and guests. We always use local merchants and services to maintain and upgrade our house.

A vacation rental company manages the bookings for our house. They screen and inform the guests of the rules and penalties.

Measure T is premature. Please let the recently enacted ordinances prove their effectiveness before throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Start by closing the rentals without permits and close down the VHRs who are repeat offenders.

Thomas & Karen Morioka

El Cerrito, California

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