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Letter: ‘South Lake Tahoe needs to expand on its assets’

There’s talk of expansion in South Lake Tahoe, a location capable of evolving into a prosperous city through tactful ways of expanding. The awareness of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, the city’s airport reconstruction plan, and the growing tourism industry in California show that expansion for South Lake Tahoe is beneficial, or at least manageable, for everyone.

When it comes to expanding South Lake Tahoe, city council and the League to Save Lake Tahoe, otherwise known as Keep Tahoe Blue, have combating ideas; city council wants to expand commercial infrastructure throughout the city, whereas Keep Tahoe Blue wishes to conserve what we love. This organization’s primary goal is to protect Tahoe’s well-known lake and nature. Having devoted scientists and volunteers, Tahoe should be able to grow without fear. This organization also watches over city plans, like the airport master plan.

There has been chatter about possibly upgrading the local airport — such changes increasing the influx in South Lake Tahoe. Currently only suitable for smaller planes, these new plans could promote the planes the airport can sustain. Within this plan, the city aims to increase efficiency while also protecting the area. This expansion could increase attention and accessibility. In the Sierra Sun, a North Shore-based newspaper, South Shore-based tourism consultant Carl Ribaudo mentioned South Lake Tahoe has seen “tremendous improvements” and believes we “need to continue” improvements (sierrasun.com). Improving the airport could be the catalyst to a city on the rise.

Although competing with other California destinations, Lake Tahoe offers something else for Californian tourists. South Lake Tahoe needs to appeal to a changing amount of tourists with evolving wants and requirements. California is a tourist magnet and South Lake Tahoe needs to expand on its assets to stand out among the abundance of destinations.

Emily Abuhajleh

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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