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Letter — South Shore needs Faire

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Lake Tahoe is a tourist destination. Our econemy depends on it. The Ren Faire is a filler between winter and summer. All businesses depend on tourism. With the Ren Faire attraction, ALL RETAIL BUSINESSES benefit; from gas, sunderies, foods, lodging, transportation services, public & private, and all the others that are licensed by the city. Not to leave out all the costumes that are rented for the occasion. My son Sean got me involved in the set up of the Faire six or seven years ago and he has been in charge ever since. One year we rented costumes and had a booth called “MOUSE ROULETTE”. The set-up and take down is work intensive, and we also have workers from the sheriff’s Department as volunteers, that pay their dues for “public service”. It is also nice to work in the sushine and fresh mountain air. There was a lot of sad comments last year when it was announced that the 10th year of the Ren Faire would possibly be the last. I hope that if it does not happen this year that it will not be forgotten.

Darwin De Bois

South Lake Tahoe