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Letter: Special interest groups heard in Ashcroft hearings

Ron Wood

To the editor:

All special interest groups want their way with state and federal governments. Spending a lot of money, in various ways, to promote their agenda.

With regard to Mr. Ashcroft, special interest groups are buying distrust influence by saying he can’t be trusted to uphold the laws of the land. Also indicating he might try to change certain laws. Members of Congress have the ability and power to change laws. The attorney general cannot make, change, or ignore the law, without some serious consequences.

The confirmation hearings didn’t prove that Mr. Ashcroft broke or arbitrarily changed laws in Missouri, as attorney general or governor. In fact, they pointed out his high regard for the law. When the vote came, the dissenting committee member said, “Well – he might try to affect the laws that are contrary to his beliefs, some time in the future.”

Janet Reno was apparently derelict in not calling for certain investigations; DNC, campaign finance, file gate, travel gate, to name a few. In her opinion, the various committees investigating wrongdoing did not prove their case. She was also very slow in making her determinations.

Attorney generals will come and go. They will have varying views on many issues. Unless you can find some who are completely neutral … (I don’t think so!).

After all the misinformation put out by special interest groups, the confirmation hearings served their purpose for all the nominees. Campaign finance reform is desperately needed, but there are too many in Congress who do not want to give up that special interest money. A sad commentary.

There are those who accuse others of being extreme and biased. How should they be rated? Pro-choice and pro-life, each think they are right, making the other automatically wrong and/or extreme.

I’m not sure pro-choice and pro-life issues should be decided in the U.S. Congress. Let’s have a ballot vote, for the women only, on this issue (sorry guys). For the record, I am pro-choice.

I would like to see handgun sales curtailed greatly until people learn there are other more peaceful ways to settle disputes.

Ron Wood

South Lake Tahoe

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