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Letter: Support for animal shelter worker

Marti Magnussen

To the editor:

Several weeks ago I wrote in support of Ruth Cecchetini-Hughes and the unhappy situation she had found herself in by removing a bear carcass from the unlocked locker at Animal Control, where she had been employed for nine years. I was hoping the District Attorney’s Office would use some judgment and not prosecute her on the charges that it took several days to even come up with violation codes.

This is a political stand by the District Attorney’s Office along with the Fish and Game Department. Only because Ruthie stood up and admitted what she had done was she charged with two misdemeanors. If she only had known to plead not guilty and have a public defender appointed to her case when she went in for her arraignment, the district attorney might have reduced her misdemeanors to infractions with everyone being able to save face – and that seems to be what our criminal justice system is all about these days.

I am a little bit acquainted with the games and political policies that are played, as I retired from El Dorado Superior Court after working there 10 years, last July. I became so distraught and angry that I decided it was time to leave and not work the 15 years I had planned on. I have a reduced retirement benefit, but I consider every penny less is worth not having to witness what happens to employees of this county when they have created uncomfortable situations for others that need answers.

I, too, hope the community will stand behind Ruthie and realize what an excellent employee she was. If you talk to the people she worked with, they have nothing but praise for her caring ways. Please write to the District Attorney’s Office here in South Lake Tahoe, at 1360 Johnson Blvd., Suite 105; South Lake Tahoe, Calif. 96150, along with copies sent to Kathy Libici, director of human resources; 330 Fair Lane; Placerville, Calif. 95667, and Pat Claerbout, director, Animal Control; 2301 Coolwater Creek Rd.; Placerville, Calif., 95667.

Our tax dollars need to be put to better use and concentrate on prosecuting the real criminals in this county.

Marti Magnussen

South Lake Tahoe

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