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Letter — Support for football coach


I’m dismayed by the response of the administration at South Tahoe High School to the efforts of Coach Eric Beavers to instill a sense of resposibility in the attitudes of some of the STHS “would be” football players.

Apparently, the school had a coach and teacher who was dedicated to teaching values to his players, but the administrators (Ellis and Stafford) have failed miserably in demonstrating support for this obfective. If the parents of the “real” players allow administrators who place their authority over their duty to intill character to prevail, they will have failed in their parental responsibilities to their sons.

I was fortunate to have been able to compete on the football field in Southern California throughout high school, college and for four years in a semi-pro league. I gained more lessons on the football field that have helped me during my life and in my employment than I ever learned in the classroom. Among these lessons for life were character building, commitment, taking responsibility, dedication and teamwork. However, the principle uppermost in the success I’ve experience is that “you don’t quit” … on yourself or on others!

I’ve never met Eric Beavers, but I have a high regard for him and the priciple he is striving to instill in his players. The character traits he stands for are fundamental to competition. And competition is striving to be the best — a goal that has, in the past, stood for this country.

Do not allow individuals who have such low expextations for our youth to dispose of a dedicated “teacher” of men. Such teachers are hard to find. During my career on the field, I played for coaches with high expectations who pushed us to excel, and I played for coaches who were satisfied with less. We won with the former and we lost under the latter.

If the administration has lost sight of the principles of life and competition, I would suggest it may be time for them to step aside and let the leaders lead! If the attitudes of the “whiners”, the “self-centered” and the “complainers” are going to set the standards, we’re in trouble as a society.

Dick Powers

South Lake Tahoe

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