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Letter — Support for my family, country


As I send my son off to war, I have a sense of dejavu. Almost 40 years ago, I watched as my future husband went off to a war that was unpopular, seemingly unnecessary. Luckily, he returned home, but then he had to deal with all the people who had been against the war. He had gone to do a job that he might not have agreed with, but he had a responsibility to himself and his country, and he performed bravely and with honor. His honor and patriotism were desecrated by those at home fortunate enough not to have to fight, but who called him names and spit on him and his uniform because he did.

Let’s not do the same things to our brave sons and daughters, husbands and wives, who are going off to yet another unpopular, seemingly unnecessary fight.

If I could, I would stop this before it starts. There must be other ways to control the insanity in the Middle East rather than rushing in without the world’s support. And maybe George Bush does have his own agenda. I can try to influence the powers that be by writing letters, but I can’t control any of it.

But I will support the men and women who are being sent into harm’s way. I will pray for them, think of them often, and do anything I can to make it easier for them, from writing letters to baking cookies. And I hope and pray that everyone in our great country will do the same.

Linda Martinez

South Lake Tahoe