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Letter — Tahoe drivers are in a hurry

Tahoe Daily Tribune

I would like to know what the rush is for Tahoe drivers and the need to run red lights? Are you in such a hurry that you can’t afford to stop? Well, get an earlier start. Are you above the rules of the road or do you have the need for the risk that is present every time you ran a red light? I am tired of sitting at a light that has turned green and having to wait for the other people, whose light has turned red, while they run the darn thing! Now every driver knows that you have to be safe and wait before going after a light turns green, so that you don’t get run over by someone running a red light. But, to have two or three cars still going though a light that has turned red is really ridicules! Not to mention dangerous for those of us on the road that are trying to obey the laws or that ware walking. I’m also tired of the overzealous driver who is behind me, and as the light turns red, starts honking at me because a car ahead of me happens to go through the yellow light and I stopped because it was…Oh, what was that color again? RED! Don’t honk at me because I choose not to go through a red light and run the risk of causing an accident that could kill someone, such as my children and myself. My daughter has been traumatized from witnessing a pedestrian getting hit due to some careless driver running a red light. So, the next time you see the light turning red, do us all a favor and STAY PUT! Thank you.

Catherine Crowell

South Lake Tahoe