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Letter — Testosterone rules the planet

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With so many nations building nuclear technology, the world has grown very small indeed. Today North Korea, tomorrow Iran. Who’s next?

With the health and well being of humanity now residing in the hands of so many different governments — some unstable, others fanatical, we are at grave risk. After 50 centuries of conflict, we must finally come of age. No longer can we afford to be a world divided.

A world of warriors drunk on testosterone or religion and armed with nuclear weapons is a world doomed to destruction. As the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, we too must emerge from a violent and ignorant past. National pride must be replaced with world pride.

The United Nations represents one plausible means to emerge from a past of violence and separation, to a future of unity and peace. For our country’s leaders to do whatever they please despite world opinion, is incredibly shortsighted. We can’t move America to another neighborhood. This country has a jury system to decide important matters. That system works. The United Nations works the same way. We cannot afford to dismiss and disdain the wishes of the rest of the world, while the potential for nuclear war and nuclear terrorism now shadows our planet, and demands that we all co-exist or face unthinkable consequences.

Like it or not, our adolescence is over, and we must have leaders of vision, to uplift us to a new world unity, not drag us down into the final dark ages. It is not the United Nations who faces a “moment of truth”, it is the United States.

David Singelyn

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Warner Springs, Calif.