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Letter — The enemy within


The morning of 9/11/01 I was awakened by a phone call from my younger daughter from the safety of her home in New York City informing me of the tragic event that had occurred at the World Trade Center. She didn’t have to work that morning and was thankfully spared the senseless death suffered by many of her friends.

I remember the jumble of emotions I was feeling as I tuned in the news just in time to witness the second tower being struck and I was horrified at the devastation that evil people had wrought on my country. In the next few weeks I flew the flag and wholeheartedly supported our offensive to bring justice to those who had attacked us.

I called some of my Republican friends and pledged my allegiance to the newly installed president after his moving speech on the eve of the war in Afghanistan. Shortly after the “victory” over the Taliban the true agenda of the neo-conservative cabal occupying the White House was unfolding. The plan was in place for years and the cons used 9/11 to implement it. Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the hijackers. The lies told to convince the public that we were threatened by imminent attack by Saddam were treasonous. The miserable failure of leadership that followed has brought us to the ugly situation we find our beloved country in two years later. The global, never-ending war on terror as cover for the diabolical war profiteers is an insult to the innocent families who mourn on this fateful day. Either Bush is as collosally ignorant of world affairs as he appears to be or he is being manipulated by the fascist forces that surround him. These enemies of America must be removed from power to truly make a safer and saner world.

Kevin Moore

South Lake Tahoe

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