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Letter: The joke’s on us – literally

Jean Widman

To the editor:

How come God dumps way more snow in California than he does in Nevada? He takes it right up to the line and stops … he, he, he, and LOL.

Why is it that Nevada is way more concerned with the comfort and safety of their residents and guests than California is? Guest sales taxes and Transient Occupancy Tax pay the salaries of the people who do move the snow … and for paying these fees they get a berm.

The city guys who do the side streets, and the private contractors who do the parking lots, do a heck of a job. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What is it going to take to get Caltrans to figure out what to do with the stuff … there really are professional plow schools they could go to. Or Caltrans could send them one at a time to ride with the Nevada guys so they can see what has to be done … Or, and this could be painful … those of us raised in the North and Northeast parts of the country could take them “out back” to our sandbox with some Tonka trucks and give them a real good lesson! In fact, any driver who ever did play in the sandbox with Tonka trucks must be laughing his head off at what the boss tells him to do.

How about if we put up an insulated tent on top of the berm and make the boss live in it for a week?

Jean Widman

South Lake Tahoe

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