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Letter — The lowdown on the IPES

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I took Ms. Harmon’s balloon ride (letter, Feb. 21) back in 1990 and created a vision for the future of Lake Tahoe that included clear, clean lake water, clear air, healthy forests, reduced traffic and quality, affordable housing. I also dedicated a decade of my life to that vision. It is my belief a balloon ride today would show that progress in environmental improvements have been made, although I readily admit that we still have a long way to go.

I would like to suggest before you write a scathing letter to the editor you get the facts straight. Although I was once a member of the Governing Board of the TRPA helped create the TRPA Environmental Improvement Program, I have not been on the board for many years. I have been a member of the TRPA Advisory Planning Commission for the past four years. As a commission member I can provide my input, along with the 18 others and the general public, to the Governing Board. Any recommendation by the commission must be by majority vote of the commission. The Governing Board may or may not use our recommendation.

This is the first time the IPES line has moved in El Dorado county. It is now at 685 from the original 726. The IPES line in Douglas county has been moving downward each year for many years and is now at 106.

But, the really important thing to understand is the movement of the line is the direct result of environmental improvements and the retirement of sensitive lots. The stakeholders who devised this system back in 1984 were well represented by the environmental community. They saw improvements to water quality, air quality, transportation and other environmental areas, as well as having sensitive lots taken out of the inventory of potentially developable land as a good thing. I do too. I am happy to see the IPES line lowering because it means we are finally making progress in preserving what is precious to us all. I hope that the next time the IPES line moves downward, Ms. Harmon will rejoice in her newfound understanding of what that means.

Kevin Cole

South Lake Tahoe